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The Dance Zone Shoes and Attire

Why have a dress code?

This is a question asked by many people. A dress code keeps things more organized. When you are teaching a number and you see a variety of different colours, it is very hard on the eyes. In addition and more importantly, it is quite difficult to make corrections on certain bodylines when children come in wearing baggy clothes. It gives more of a unison and overall look.

For new students, please bear in mind that if your child is undecided about dance, feel free to wear running shoes for the first few classes until your child is comfortable and committed.

What to wear

As it is easier to learn in a professional environment, The Dance Zone Inc. students must be dressed properly.

The details are as follows:


Bodysuit: Any style black only, for Tiny Tots pink is acceptable too (NO tights)

Crop tops: Any style black only

Leggings: Tight fit ( no flares ) will enable us to see feet and ankles more clearly, black only


Pants: black pants or black shorts

Tops: white or black tank top

Competitive Team

Girls Ballet: black body suit, any style, booty shorts (NO tights)

All other classes: black crop top or fitted tank tops & black shorts **No socks allowed

(only senior companies are allowed to wear crop tops & shorts in colour, except for ballet class)

Boys: black shorts & black or white tank tops only


PLEASE NOTE For the competitive team you will be allowed 2 weeks to purchase your proper attire. If you do not have your proper attire by the 3rd week of class you will be asked to stand for the entire class. This will count as one class missed. Ballet class is one of the most important classes to take, if classes are missed on a regular basis other numbers will be taken away.

PLEASE NOTE NO cover ups, shorts, sweatpants, sweatshirts or baggy t-shirts are allowed.

Hair must be tied back securely. Use a proper hair elastic.

Jewellery is NOT allowed including watches except for stud earrings.

The Dance Zone Inc. is NOT responsible for lost or stolen articles. Please put your name on all articles of clothing, especially dance shoes and dance bags.

Please leave all jewellery at home. We advise you not to leave valuables of any kind in the change room.


Recreational Classes
Ages may vary

Tiny Tots (ages 2 5; 30 min class)

jazz # 200 / # 205 Capezio ballet shoes pink

ballet # 200 / # 205 Capezio ballet shoes pink

tap   # 625 Capezio tap shoes white

(if you purchase beige or black, they will have to be painted white for the Recital)


Little Steps (ages 6 8; 45 min class)
jazz foot undies

ballet # 200 / # 205 Capezio ballet shoes pink

tap # 625 Capezio tap shoes white


PLEASE NOTE All tiny tots & little steps, tap classes, when purchasing shoes make sure to askfor tap shoe and ballet shoe elastic. Laces on white shoes will be removed.


Ages 9 & up  (1 hour class)
tap      CG #17 Capezio black

jazz (shoes to be announced)

ballet pink sansha split sole

acro bare feet

For boys only
jazz and ballet : black ballet slippers

tap : black lace up tap shoes


All Hip Hop Classes
Attire anything comfortable

Hair pulled back

Shoes running shoes (white or clear soles only)


Competitive Companies

Full-Time Companies
tap TBA*

jazz bare feet (shoes to be announced)

ballet pink sansha split sole canvas

acro bare feet


Part-Time Companies
tap CG #19 Capezio black

jazz bare feet (shoes to be announced)

acro bare feet

ballet pink sansha split sole

All students must have all shoes checked by the teacher before you start to wear them in class !!!

It is NOT the teachers responsibility if you purchase the wrong shoes and are not able to return them

if they have already been worn.

Where to Shop

NOTE : Call the store first as each store does not carry each item.

Walmart and The Bay also carry selections of bodysuits and crop tops.

*** Please know the appropriate class name and time when you go purchase your child's shoes.

  1. On The Dance Floor Boutique
    10235 Yonge St
    Richmond Hill
  2. Second Skin Fashions
    8100 Yonge St.
    ( Yonge and 407 )
  3. Dance Essentials
    80 Bass Pro Mills Dr.
    Unit #10, Vaughan
    ( Jane and Rutherford )
  4. The Dancewear Centre
    1150 Sheppard Avenue West, Unit 11




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