Rules for the Classroom and Studio

Please respect these rules. They are important for safety and better learning:
  1. Students must have proper dance attire each class. Hair must be tied back securely and no jewellery, including watches is permitted. At the discretion of the teacher, a student may be asked to leave the class.
  2. No one is to leave the classroom without permission. All students should arrive at the studio at least 10 minutes before class in order to allow enough time for class preparation.
  3. Ten minutes grace period will be accepted for latecomers. However, due to safety (lack of warm-up) and class disturbance, no one may join a class in progress after that time.
  4. At the Jane location, please leave the doors and blinds closed.
  5. Do not disturb class in progress. If there is an urgent matter, please ask the office to relay a message.
  6. No gum will be permitted. This is a nut free environment. Please help us ensure the safety of all of our students. Do not bring any nut products to the studio such as peanuts, almonds, etc
  7. Food and drink are restricted to the kitchen area. Please do not bring food, drink or candy into the change room or studios. Please make sure that your children clean up after themselves.
  8. At the Jane location, everyone must enter Studio 1 through the change room. With the exception of any boys, they are permitted to enter through the office.
  9. No running in the hallways and no leaning on mirrors or ledges with windows.
  10. No wet shoes past the front entrance.
  11. Missed Classes: Everybody misses classes for one reason or another but it is most important that you attend your regularly scheduled class. If you do miss a class we will offer you an alternative if it is available. There are no refunds for missed classes. From November onward each class will be working on a specific routine and therefore it will be difficult to participate in a make-up class. Also, the work that you are doing in your own class is very important and your attendance is essential. Students missing classes from March onward may require private classes at their own expense in order to be properly prepared for the recital. Absenteeism from March onward may result in the student's limited participation in the recital number. Please try to keep your regularly scheduled dance class a priority.
  12. Class Cancellations: The studio reserves the right to combine or cancel classes in the event of low attendance. The studio reserves the right to cancel classes due to inclement weather or other emergencies.  Make up classes will be scheduled at a later time. In the event that a teacher is absent, all efforts will be made to provide a replacement. The schedule is subject to change.
  13. Please do not pass out any invitations to birthday parties or any other events in the studio.

Rules for Parents

  1. No leaning on window ledges as well as placing coffee cups, drinks, food etc. on the window ledges. Food and drinks are restricted to the kitchen area only. 
  2. There will be no smoking out in front of the studio. We are to be setting an example for the children and are promoting a professional and healthy environment.
  3. Please do not interrupt a class in progress. If the teacher wishes, she will open the blinds for viewing. ( usually the last 15 minutes of class )
  4. At the Jane location girls should enter Studio 1 and 2 through the change room. Boys are permitted to enter Studio 1 through the office and Studio 2 through the kitchen area.
  5. If a problem should arise with your child, please talk to the Studio Director Debbie Favot as soon as possible. Please do not approach teachers. The Studio Director will handle all problems.
  6. Please note that you may no longer pass out birthday invitations at the studio. If you can invite the entire class this is not a problem.

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